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Gender Inequality in Publishing: Women Marginalized, While Men Take the Lead

The 9th Annual Ethics & Publishing Conference at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. centered on sexism and gender inequality in publishing, and the importance of understanding the impact of gender bias in both conscious and unconscious forms. A pronounced example of unconscious sexism/gender bias emerged in the process of putting the conference, itself, together— which … Continue reading

The Long Tail Theory: Niche Audiences, Mass Marketing, and the Power of Choice

In Should You Invest in the Long Tail? Anita Elberse’s approach to The Long Tail Theory asserts that, though revenue-generating niche markets have grown, consumer purchase of niche entertainment products hasn’t replaced blockbusters or bestsellers. Elberse criticizes Anderson’s theory by offering information gleaned from extensive examination and analysis of U.S music and film sales data, … Continue reading

Blair Underwood to Give 2015 Commencement Address at AmericanInterContinental University: Actor Talks Education and Giving Back

Reporting by Rebecca Nichloson. Written for BlackEnterprise.com. Actor, Blair Underwood, has long been a staple in black cinema, television and the arts. In addition to maintaining a successful career that spans 30 years, the two-time Golden Globe nominee, who made his film acting debut in Michael Schultz’s Krush Grove (1985), is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate … Continue reading

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