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Book Review: The Seven Perfumes of Sacrifice

 Author Amy Logan’s tragic yet inspiring novel begins with an explosion on a bus in Tel Aviv, Israel. The central character, referred to as Fareby, is an American journalist from Riverside, California who travels to Tel Aviv to cover a story. She meets a young Druze woman, named Leila Azzam, in which a kind of … Continue reading

Book Review: The Last Day in Karachi, Through the Ring of Fire

Author Dr. Khan-Hudson’s catharsis inspired novel illuminates key aspects of her early life in Qatar, Pakistan, her ultimate relocation to America and the joy of finding love in her American husband, Rob. The story begins with vivid imagery from Hudson’s past and the first chapter instantly evokes empathy in the reader. The tale’s protagonist, Saha … Continue reading

Book Review: Day Clean by E.R Dinsmore

Author E.R Dinsmore’s lengthy novel takes place in Beaufort, South Carolina, a small town with a vivid and vicarious social atmosphere, hidden under the veneer of the mundane. The story begins with its central character, Jonah Ezekiel, fleeing from his abusive foster parents and briefly finding refuge in the woods. Jonah, a vivacious young Gullah … Continue reading

Book Review: Margaret Sisu’s The Nude

Author Margaret Sisu’s lean yet bold novel, begins with Gwen Mason, an avid art buyer, attempting to purchase a painting by an up and coming Miami artist. The painting, titled “The Champion”, is the recent work of Adam Straker, owner of Gaya Art Collective, a gallery where he showcases his work. From their very first … Continue reading

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Rebecca Nichloson is the recipient of a Sesame Street Writers Room (2017) fellowship, two Many Voices Fellowships (The Minneapolis Playwright’s Center), a Liberace Award, a Matthew’s Fellowship, a Howard Stein Fellowship, and a DRA Fellowship from Columbia University School of the Arts. She was chosen as an alternate for NBC Universal’s UCP Pitchfest, received a 2014 America-In-Play Fellowship, and was a 2015 finalist for an Atlantic Media Editorial Fellowship.

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