The Kaleidoscope Project (Minnesota)

TKP (Minnesota)

The Kaleidoscope Project (Minnesota) engages creative writers from historically marginalized communities (i.e. BIPOC, LGBTQ, Immigrants, Women, and other disenfranchised groups) in immersive virtual workshops centered on building solidarity and empathy between different communities across the state. The methodology utilizes a human-centered design approach to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges each community faces and generates social justice/social equity-informed creative writing that supports community-engagement and social change.

TKP workshops have local, national and international cohorts. TKP (Minnesota) seeks to build bridges of intercultural and inter-community understanding that facilitates a more equitable and connected state. Each workshop provides opportunities for participants to engage in deep listening and reflection on social challenges specific to their community and experiences, and results in dynamic, compelling creative writing (i.e. poetry, flash fiction, prose, and other forms of storytelling) that serve a social function. Learn more at