[N + C]: The Kaleidoscope Project



Nichloson + Company is an emerging  interdisciplinary literary arts lab for creative writers and artists who identify as BIPOC, queer (or are members of historically marginalized groups) to engage in intercultural/intersectional advocacy, solidarity and empathy-building through creative writing (poetry, fiction, playwriting, and other forms of creative narrative building). N+C develops projects and intimate spaces for exploration and narrative experimentation that foster the development of dynamic socially engaged works that envision the transformation of our world through a celebration and reimagining of our shared experiences  — from a global, national and local perspective. Through artistic collaboration, we explore complex socio-cultural intersections to support collective healing and build pathways for deeper, more authentic forms of ally ship for people of color and other historically marginalized and underrepresented groups.

The initiative will officially launch in late 2020 under the executive and artistic leadership of creative writer/interdisciplinary artist Rebecca Nichloson.